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Simply send us a quick sketch of your song idea, and we'll create a professional music track bursting with sonic depth, creativity, and life. All you have to do after that is add your vocals! 

And the one thing you’ll find with all the songs we produce? Our customers aren’t just satisfied, they’re inspired.


We know, it seems so simple, right? Here you can find out everything you need to know to get your project started. 

  • How long will it take for my song to be done?
    We usually say about 7-10 days. Sometimes if a couple orders come in at once, it can take up to to three weeks, but we really strive to make sure you get your song back in a timely manner. As always, we will let you know if it's taking longer, but generally figure less than two weeks.
  • How do I know which package to choose?
    If you just want to hear your song with a simple acoustic sound, the VITAL demo package is a great place to start. But most of our customers want to add that special "style" factor to really make their song sparkle. This is where VIBRANT, our most popular package comes in - it's the perfect blend of cost and quality, and it gives us some room to customize certain dynamic and stylistic elements more than in VITAL. If you want to take it to the ultimate level and get all the little extra things that can bring out the quality and dynamics of your song, our VIVID package will give you the professional, full sound you're looking for.
  • Can I upgrade packages in the process if I want more instruments?
    You can always upgrade to a package later on down the road if you want to fill the song out more or add some other instruments. Generally, this works better going from VIBRANT to VIVID. If you start with VITAL, our approach to producing a simplified demo is sometimes different than if we started with the full-production method, so keep that in mind. If you want to just add another track later, we'll send you an invoice with a negotiated price.
  • Can you make me sound like a pop star?
    Nope, sorry. In fact, we're the kind of company that is strongly against that train of thought. We want to make you sound like YOU. Over and over the songs that turn out the best are the ones where the artists are true to themselves and seek artistic integrity - our goal is never to turn you into someone else - our goal is to make your song come alive - in other words, we want to compliment your creative work and enhance it by bringing it to its full potential musically.
  • So, you send me a music track...but what about my vocals?"
    We're able to provide all of the music for your song - we're kinda like a powerhouse karaoke engine, minus the 80's keyboards, awkward grooves, and emotional content of a robot (OK, so maybe "karaoke" isn't the best analogy, but you get the point.) Now the the song is in your hands, and needs your vocals - unfortunately that can't be done over the internet, so it's not something our services cover. However, our clients do like how they can have their music to practice to for a while before recording - it really helps them to be ready for the recording studio experience.
  • How do I record my vocals?
    In our experience, it's generally best to record them at a recording studio in your area. If you have the equipment and technical prowess to properly record vocals yourself, by all means try it out, but since your vocals are the most important part of the final product, you want to make sure that they sound the best. If you're going to spend a couple hundred dollars getting your music produced properly, you definitely want to get your vocals recorded properly.
  • If I'm going to a studio to record my vocals, why not just have them make the music?"
    First of all, we love local studios and are all for supporting them - but there are a couple reasons why a streamlined production service like ours is often better. First, we save you time. If you go to a local studio, you either have to have musicians you bring in, or have the studio hire session players. So it's either weeks (if not months) of finding the right musicians, rehearsing, and having them record in the studio, or extra session players, which means more money. Which brings us to point two - we save you money. Not only are you paying the audio engineer, but also session players on top of that - and it's not a stretch to say that can quickly become close to a thousand dollars (not to mention there still wasn't a "producer" to make sure your song reached its potential). Our simple and affordable rates shouldn't be confused with some guy who says he can offer you all that and more for $200. We've spent a lot of time becoming efficient at what we do to give you the best rate available. And lastly, we are experienced in production far more than many studios are - it's one thing to be a studio that simply records and mixes whoever comes in, but it's another thing to provide professional recording and complete production on your song.
  • Can I make a whole album?
    You sure can! And to encourage you in doing either an EP or a full-length album, we have an amazing deal - if you buy 4 songs up front, you'll get the fifth at 50% off! For example, you have 5 songs you want to record, and you want the VIBRANT production on them. Just pay for 4 in one transaction, and the 5th one - $600 - is cut in half! That means for a full-length album (10 songs), you get one song entirely free! You can save from $300 to $900, depending on your package. Now that's a sweet deal.
  • How are you guys able to do this for less than other online services?
    Secret magic tricks we picked up in South America. Okay, no we actually pride ourselves for being extremely efficient at combining strong musical performances with organized engineering techniques. Besides that, technology has dramatically changed even within the past five years, so we can provide top-notch sounds and dynamic recordings that would have taken much longer to do a decade ago.
  • Do I have copyright ownership of the song?
    Yes. Even though we're producing your music, you will retain 100% rights to your song. That's why we send you a signed Work-For-Hire agreement assuring you that all legal ownership to your music is yours.
  • How many musicians work on a given song?
    It really varies by song. Sometimes one, sometimes five; it just depends. Your song will have a producer that fits all the pieces together - creating the dynamic flow, organizing musicians, getting it mixed, and more. And everything always goes through our award-winning producer/owner to make sure you get the quality and creativity you deserve on your recording.
  • Do you help with lyrics?
    Generally, we do not. The only time we will mention lyrical content is if we feel certain words or phrases from your recording could be better, and we'll just make a suggestion when we send you the song. But beyond that, lyrics are up to you to finish. Many clients do, however, have us work on their song even if the lyrics aren't done, because they know how the layout and structure of the music should go. In that case, just sing any crazy lyrics in your draft to us so we still have an idea of how the vocals go.
  • Do you help with songwriting?
    Unfortunately, no. The songwriting process is such a wonderful and exciting task, but we find it's always best working together in person, bouncing ideas off each other to find the key parts that fit together and bring the song to life. Since we are an online service, we only work with clients whose songs are completed and ready to record.
  • How well is the song mixed?
    Our mixing corresponds with the package you get. We'll provide a clean, basic mix on VITAL, a more thorough mix on VIBRANT, and a fully professional mix on VIVID. All of them sound great - as you move up in the packages, it's just a matter of us spending more time on the mixing stage. As far as mastering goes, it can't be done until the vocals are put into the mix, so we don't currently provide that service. Additionally, mastering is a process that you might not need, depending on what you want to do with your music. If you're just sharing it with family or friends (or if it's not going to be in a compilation, EP, etc.), you probably don't need to deal with mastering at this point. But if you want to have it on the radio, or put on Spotify, or make an entire album, it's a good idea to get things mastered (it's a pretty quick process and doesn't have to be expensive).
  • I want to have my guitar (or piano, etc.) included on the song. Is that possible?"
    If you have a full-quality track of your guitar, piano, bass, or other instrument performance, we can use it - but it must be played cleanly at a specific tempo - you must play to a metronome! Of course, we'll let you know if it won't work, but we encourage artists to have their own instrument performance on their song!
  • Can I give input throughout the process as my song progresses?
    It's best to give us as much information as possible before we start working on your song. We provide an exclusive online service that focuses on creating the big picture - a simple, trouble-free process of getting you the finished music. Making changes during the process can waste a lot of time, not to mention inspiration and work flow. If you have any questions about the song at the time of order, just email us - we want you to be relaxed, confident, and assured that your song is in good hands.
  • What format does my song come in?
    You will be able to download a full-quality, uncompressed WAV file when the project is done. This is the industry standard format that can be converted to any other format easily. If you need a specific file format, just let us know at time of purchase. In addition, we offer "stem" tracks of the song for an additional cost. These are the individual instrument tracks that make up the final song, and can be very handy if you wanted additional mixing, or to make changes down the road.
  • What if I don't like how it turned out?
    We pride ourselves in not just giving our customers great music, but blowing their expectations away! And we've rarely had any problems at all with customers not liking the production. In fact, we've only had one remake ever - and that was because the client decided to change styles! Obviously, though, music is an extremely subjective field, and sometimes our tastes differ. A lot of times it's just a simple fix, like "I want the snare to sound different", or "Can we take that synth line up an octave on the chorus?". Not a problem. But, if you decide you want to try acoustic guitar instead of electric, and you realized you wanted that piano part to be in a latin style, those are changes that we'll have to send you an invoice on. In our experience, if clients can keep making any changes, we'll go through 5 song versions and countless hours of changing and re-changing things. And that's just not fun. We want you to be uber-happy with your song, but if your song ends up miles away from what your order form said, then we have to charge you.
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